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  • 1 month ago

Cook note

Rest steaks in clarified butter seasoned with herbs.

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  • 2 months ago

I had an interesting conversation about this today with a long time friend.

Of all days, it was today.

I’ll spare you the specifics but we did come to an agreement that there’s a
significant lack of community in today’s society. Yeah we can say we belong
to a community like tumblr,google+,facebook, forums, etc.

But there’s still a lack of connection. We’ve all been there. Connecting
with someone mentally before actually meeting them. It’s incredibly easy to
do online. Not distracted with physicality or where to look. Everything you
do is focused *on their words.*

But what then? I see this on tumblr in various messages.

*I wish you were here.*

It’s heart breaking isn’t it? It’s the WORST.

But that’s just it. We’re separated by copper wiring and electrons.

We’re still lonely regardless of how close we feel we are.

It’s that *local* community and support that people are missing.

Look how excited everyone gets when they realize someone on a social
network they’ve been talking to is in the same town/college/dorm.

Social networking should be an open door to real life networking.

Get out there. Give that person a hug for real. We’re all lonely. It’s up
to us to solve that.

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  • 2 months ago